See Athens museums through virtual tours

Visit Athens museums through virtual tours

Take a break from stressful headlines and enjoy all the advantages the digital age made possible through Athens museums virtual tours. 

Art and history lovers now have the chance to view and explore some of Athens’ most exceptional museums on-line. 

We hope you will enjoy this virtual trip to the Athenian museums and cultural institutions until the time comes and you will be able to visit them live in Athens!

The most famous Greek museum, offers to the e-visitors not just the chance to walk through the exhibitions and explore the museum exhibits via specially designed online apps,  booklets and Museum kits but the opportunity to engage the whole family through games and activities like coloring on-line some of the exhibits, explore closely the Parthenon Frieze and join the Glafka Project, which is a game about the restoration of the Acropolis monuments!

Τhe largest museum in Greece and one of the most important in the world, houses more that 11.000 exhibits and offers the visitor a detailed panorama of the ancient Greek civilization from the prehistoric until the late antiquity. Among its collections you will admire, the Antikythera Mechanism. the world’s first computer, the gold Mask of Agamemno, dated back to 16th century BC, The Horse and Jockey, dated back to 140BC and the magnificent bronze statue of Zeus (or Poseidon), dated back to the 460BC. 

When in Athens, Benaki museum is a must if you want to explore Athens’s contemporary art and design. Now you have the chance to visit all its galleries and works of art with six-language audio guide for the following museums:

Benaki Museum of Greek Culture

Benaki Museum of Islamic Art

Benaki Museum / The Ghika Gallery

Benaki Museum / The Yannis Pappas Studio

Aged more than 100 years old and with more than 20.000 paintings, sculptures and artworks in its collection, the National Gallery is a true treasure. Through its virtual tour you can now explore their permanent painting collection, their permanent sculpture collection and amazing digital presentations 

Please if you have any questions regarding the spead of covid-19 and the travel restrictions in Greece, read our previous blogpost regarding our tour policy, or visit the official site of the National Public Health Organization. You can also contact us directly using the contact form below. 

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