A street art guide of Athens!

Athens is the new street art capital and home to amazing spots where you can admire many remarkable artists! In this article we will show you the best murals Athens has to offer and where to find them. 

1. The owl of Athens

athens street art tour

The owl,  located in Metaxourgheio district, is one one of the most famous and impressive graffiti of Athens. The artist WD, was born in Bali has created some of the most beautiful murals in town! 

2. System of a Fraud

The “System of a Fraud” by Greek artist INO is another amazing mural located at Metaxourgheio area. The artist painted the portrait of Solon, an Athenian statesman, lawmaker, and poet.

3. The riot dog

athens street art tour

Loukanikos, the most famous dog of Athens was the symbol of Greek protests during the crisis years. Here is pictured by Vasilis Griparis and his friends. The mural is now one of the most famous of Athens and is located in Psirri district

4. The colourful tsunami

This huge mural by Vangelis Hoursoglou aka Woozy is a beautiful mural located in Kerameikos district. The artist has been painting large-scale murals for nearly 20 years in and his work has been a crucial aspect in the graffiti scene in Athens

athens street art tour

5. Women figures

athens street artists

The artist Alexandros Skutariotis aka Sonke is famous for creating women’s figures with long necks, closed eyes and swirling hair. You can find his characteristic creations in various Athenian districts such as Exarcheia, Psirri and more. He creates are based on the current socio-political conditions or according to personal experiences.

See the gallery below for more exceptional street art in Athens

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