The Athens street food guide

Athens’s street food scene is booming and you only need a walk at the city center to realize that by yourself! Read this ultimate guide to the best Athens street food, discover the best places to have them and be prepared to get hungry!  

1. Suvlaki

athens food tour suvlaki

Souvlaki is the most famous street food of Greece and there is a reason for that! Its delicious taste and affordable price makes it the easiest choice for anyone wanting to eat something quickly made but absolutely tasty!  Tip: Don’t forget to add the typical tzatziki sauce that locals love! Where: You can have good souvlaki almost at any place, but Kalyvas Family glill at Koukaki district is a local favorite! 

2. "Vromiko" sandwich

As you stroll Athens during late night (or early morning!) hours you will notice numerous food trucks and people queuing to get their “vromiko” sandwich! It can  be described as the greek hot dog and you can taste it with different kind of sausages, chicken combined with cheese, french fries and a variety of sauces. Tip: “Vromiko” means dirty!! Where: One of the most famous place where you can taste the best Athens street food is Kantina Mavili

athens best street food

3. Kuluri bread

athens best street food

Especially during morning you will notice a lot of locals going to work with a round sesame bread on hand. Kuluri is one of the most common street food not only for breakfast but also during the day. With its history traced back to antiquity we can say that kuluri is one of the first street food in the world. Tip: Apart from the classical recipes with sesame you can find it in many variations such as  multigrain, filled with chocolate spread, cheese or tahini. Where: The most historic place to taste them in Athens is “To koulouri tou Psirri”

4. Peinirli

Peinirli, a boat shaped pizza, couldn’t be out of this Athens street food guide. Comes with many fillings such as sausage, ham, minced meat, egg, cheese, tomato and more! Peinirli arrived in Greece in the 1920s, when Greeks from Pontus (Turkish shores of the Black Sea) emigrated in the Greek mainland. Tip: Try also the sweet version of peinirli. Where: You will find freshly made peinirli at Smak in Athens city center. 

5. Lukumades

athens food tour

Lukumades are considered the oldest desert in Greece and its history goes back to the first Olympic Games at 776 B.C, where fried dough balls with honey was served to the Olympian winners. Nowadays, is one of the most traditional and famous deserts especially among children! Tip: If you are vegan try them with dark chocolate or covered with peanut butter. Where: Lukumades at Athens city center

There is no mistake that Athens is a street food paradise where you can taste not only traditionally Greek but also ethnic street food as well! Burgers, Falafels, Sushi, Mexican and Indian street food can be found all over town and locals love to experiment with new tastes! 

Eat like an Athenian

If you want to walk and eat like an Athenian join one of our Athens food experiences and dive deeper into the street food scene of Athens and the Greek gastronomy in general! 


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