15 Top things to do & see in Athens: 2022 Guide

Athens is a city full of life, history and culture and a place where you can return again and again and discover different districts and places of interest. 

So if you are planning a trip to Athens let’s explore the best places to see and top things to do in 2022! 

1. The Hills of Athens

athens hills

One of the first things to do while in Athens is to visit one of the numerous hills with amazing views to the city and the Acropolis. You can choose between Pnyka hill, Mars hill, Lycabetus and more. Its a great way to see the city from above and helps a lot your orientation while exploring the neighborhoods. 

Acropolis is the most famous monument of Athens and a must see attraction whether its your first time visiting or not. A visit to the Acropolis during sunset will give you an amazing opportunity to capture the city during the golden hour and during the summer months will help you avoid the morning heat. 

acropolis tour

3. Discover the most amazing graffities

athens street art tour

Athens is becoming the new street art capital. Numerous artists are creating amazing graffities that can be found in many of its central districts. Go out on an urban safari and explore Exarcheia, Kerameikos, Gazi and more areas that host some of the most beautiful murals of Greece or join a street art tour and let your guide explain everything you need to know about them. 

4. Visit the Athens Central Food Markets

The Athens Central Food Markets (aka Varvakeios) is one of the most vivid places in Athens and should be a must on your Athens things to do list. While exploring the market, feel the atmosphere, explore all the things that people sell and taste traditional food on the small taverns inside the market. The best way to explore Athens food scene and explore the area like a local is to join a food tour and let your local foodie friend show you the way! 

Athens food market

5. Enjoy a cocktail at an Athens roof top bar

top 5 athens bars

Spend an Athens night at one of the numerous roof top bars across the city. Enjoy views of the Acropolis or city views with a glass of wine or a cocktail on hand. Check out our list with the 5 most amazing roof top bars of Athens

6. Explore Anafiotika

Described as “an island at the heart of Athens” Anafiotika is an area built literally on the Acropolis rock and is part of Plaka district. The first residences of this area came from the Greek Cycladic island Anafi but the population started to increase in 1922 when Greek refugees from Minor Asia  also established here. Now it is considered one of most scenic and instagramic parts of Athens.

athens tours
athens mythology tour

Greek history is full of Mythology and makes it the perfect place to join a mythology tour with fascinating storytelling. Whether you are travelling with other adults or with kids learn everything you need to know about ancient Greek gods and heroes.  

SNFCC is home to the new National Opera and National Library of Greece, a beautiful complex of buildings, parks and playgrounds designed by the Italian architect Renzo Piano. Their vision was to create a public open space free to anyone who want to visit and spend time there. It is also the perfect place for families.  You can explore it by yourself or join a guided tour of the open space and other nearby areas. For our small friends we have designed a family tour with lots of games and a fun pirate map of the area.

best beaches in athens

Located just half an hour from Athens city center, Lake Vouliagmeni is the absolute hidden treasure of Athens. At the heart of the Athenian Riviera the lake is famous for its thermal waters and its amazing facilities. The lake is included in Greece’s national NATURA 2000 network and its the perfect place to spend a relaxing day. 

10. Indulge in gourmet Greek cuisine

Modern high-end cuisine is constantly evolving thanks to innovative chefs who take advantage of Greece’s agricultural traditions and high quality primary ingredients. Explore Greek cuisine with a gourmet twist at the Michelin star restaurant Varoulko seaside or at the urban CTC restaurant

greek gourmet restaurants

11. Walk at Mikrolimano in Piraeus

This picturesque little port is the most beautiful part of Piraeus and the perfect place to enjoy an afternoon or evening walk. After, taste authentic Greek cuisine at the numerous tavernas or relax by the sea with a cocktail. 

12. Explore Athens shopping scene

Athens is home to many fashion designers, amazing local boutiques, handmade jewelry and natural cosmetic shops. If you are searching for the perfect Greek souvenirs and gifts or interested in buying unique items join a shopping tour and experience Athens in a different way.

shopping tour in Athens

13. Visit a winery

wine tour from Athens

Even though wine production in Greece has a history that goes back to the ancient times the past 30 years wine makers are reinventing Greek wine with an amazing array of award winning labels. If you are a wine lover don’t forget to explore a winery outside of Athens or go to a day trip at the most famous wine area close to Athens, Nemea. 

If you are visiting Athens during summer don’t forget to book your tickets for an Athens & Epidaurus festival performance. You can choose from a concert, opera, dance or even watch an ancient Greek play at the ancient Epidaurus theater. It will be an experience that will never forget.

watch theater at Epidaurus

15. Visit the Temple of Poseidon

temple of poseidon

About 70 km south-east of Athens you will find Cape Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon. The temple was rebuilt by Pericles around 440 B.C but other archaeological findings there date from as early as 8th century B.C. Apart from the archaeological site the area is famous for the beautiful beaches and the breathtaking sunset

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