Exarcheia walking tour – The other side of Athens

Exarcheia Walking tour of Athens

Join this Exarcheia walking tour and discover the other side of Athens

The other side of Athens

Join our Exarcheia walking tour of Athens and take a journey into an alternative and urban scene. Experience the city's amazing street art, city markets, artist quarters, multi-cultural neighborhoods, and much more. This is a unique walking tour outside of the crowded touristic areas of Athens but at the heart of it's modern history! Walk in the busy streets and alleys like a local, understand the political identity of this district as well as witness first hand why these districts are so unique and controversial.

Famous street art

Known as the new Berlin, street artists from all over the world are gathering in Athens. The city now houses an amazing collection of spectacular street art in Europe.

Alternative Athens

Discover Athens's alternative culture in a social, informative and fun atmosphere and learn about the moments defined the modern history of Greece during this Exarcheia walking tour

Accompanied by a local

Let your local companion take you to some of the most underground places away of the touristic areas and hear fascinated stories.

Easy Access

We meet at one of the most central places in Athens easily accessible by foot, public transportation or taxi.

Exarcheia walking tour Itinerary

See the most famous street art of Athens while exploring the city like a local!

Meeting point
We meet in a very central place in Athens and start by entering the most controversial district of Athens.
Urban jungle
Explore Exarcheia neighbourhood, a hot spot for the students, night life, protests and political events that defined modern history of Greece,
Street art
Get inspired by the street art created by artists from all over the world who found Athens their latest paradise.
The University
See the historical building of the National Polytechnic School of Athens and learn the dramatic events took place here early 70’s


My husband and I like all sorts of tours that make us feel like part of the city we are visiting, not just like tourists. There are lots of historical sites in a city like Athens and they all are amazing. But Athens is a living, breathing city, filled with young people as well as old. We wanted to know what life was like for the young people. We also wanted to know how Athens was dealing with the many social issues effecting the world.

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May 2022
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