Top 5 Autumn weekend getaways from Athens

Autumn is a great season to visit Greece, as the weather is still warm and crowds are fewer. It is the perfect season to combine visits to seaside areas, countryside and a city break!

Read below to discover our selection of top 5 Greek destinations, all perfect for an unforgettable autumn getaway from Athens.

1. Parga

autumn getaway from athens

Parga, a picturesque seaside town on the Ioanian coast of Greece, is a great choice for an autumn getaway! During summer attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world but during autumn is more quite, leaves you free to explore the town and the area around at your own pace! While in the area don’t miss a visit to Acheron river and the archaeological site of the Necromanteion of Acheron!

2. Nemea

Just one hour from Athens, Nemea is the perfect getaway for those who love countryside, good food combined with an awarded glass of wine! Nemea is one of the most famous wine production areas of Greece, rich in history and archaeology.  Don’t miss the chance to join a wine tasting at  one of the awarded estates there or combine Nemea with a visit to the beautiful city of Nafplion!

wine tour greece

3. Nafpaktos

autumn getaway from athens

Nafpaktos, one of the most romantic cities in mainland Greece, combines perfectly, seaside and mountain. While there you can relax by the beautiful beaches or choose to visit the mountainous villages like Ano Chora. The quick and easy access from Athens, makes Nafpaktos a perfect autumn getaway.  

4. Kalavryta

Kalavryta is a beautiful mountainous town on the northern Peloponnese. Rich in history and delicious food is a perfect autumn getaway from Athens! Visit the moving Holocaust monument and museum of Kalavrita and stop by the Monastery of Agia Lavra and the spectacular Cave of the Lakes. Don’t miss the hour long journey of the Odontotos train, passing by the Vouraikos gorge!

autumn getaway from athens

5. Monemvasia

peloponnese cities

Monemvasia, which means “single entrance”, is the absolute medieval miracle of Greece! This spectacular castle-city will take your breath away as soon as you enter its gates! Discover the narrow streets, the Byzantine churches and of course food and wine with a view! Tip: Choosing to stay at one of the beautiful hotels inside the castle will offer you an unforgettable autumn getaway from Athens!

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