Athens’s best street artists

Athens has become the new street art hub and many amazing artists are coloring the streets of the Greek capital. Amazing murals can be found all over Athens and many artists are expressing social and everyday life issues through street art,.
Read below who the top Athens street artists and some info about them 
athens street artists
Ino is maybe the most famous street artist in Greece. He started painting form a young age and he has graduated from the Athens School of Fine Arts. Ino’s designs are following a characteristic black and white palette with some blue details. 
His fame has been spread all around the world and he has murals from Brazil, Miami, to Berlin and more. 
WD was born in Bali, Indonesia but the last decades he has based himself in Greece. He is now one of the most famous and respected street artists in Athens and through this work you can see his love for comics and graphic novels.  He started painting around 2000 and he is inspired from social issues, nature and art. 
athens street Artists
athens street artists
Simple g is considered one of the most romantic street artist in Athens. His big murals at schools or at the Athenian block of apartments are turning heads. He is inspired from everyday life and he is giving a lot of of attention to detail. 
Alexandros Skoutariotis as his real name is was born in 1984 and he started doing graffiti’s around 1998. The women figures with long neck and curly hair are his characteristic style and you can find them all around Athens from Exarcheia to Kerameikos districts. Alexandros has done personal exhibitions in Greece and abroad. 
athens street artists
Athens street art scene is hotter than ever. If you want to experience first hand the best street art Athens has to offer join the most alternative street are experience. Book your seats now! 

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